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French Vanilla|| Wax Melt

French Vanilla|| Wax Melt

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Elevate your candle-making with French Vanilla Wax Melt. Expertly crafted with a soy base, it offers a long-lasting, artisanal aroma of fresh cream, vanilla bean, and brown sugar. Infuse warmth and sweetness into your space and create candles that captivate. Perfect for candle artisans looking for indulgent scents.

Fragrance Notes: 

Top: Fresh Cream, Berry, Anise
Mid: Vanilla Bean, White Chocolate, Licorice
Base: Tonka Bean, Coconut, Brown Sugar

Note: Our wax melts are natural SOY WAX based, therefore they do not work in low heat warmers (they are designed for 100% paraffin wax melts).

  • All of our wax melts are made with 75% natural soy wax & 25% paraffin. We use paraffin to extend the burn hours of our melts and make them 'snapable'.!
  • These wax melts are homemade and there may be some slight variation in colour.
  • It's recommended to limit wax warmer use to four hours at a time. Nose blindness to scents does occur and turning off the wax warmer or leaving the room can help. The wax can be remelted until the fragrance has completely dissipated from the wax.
  • All of our Wax Melts & Candles are highly scented. We believe it’s always nice to be able to actually smell the intense fragrance around the whole room, rather than only where the melter is burning.
  • We do try our best to pack the products as best we can but due to the nature of the product (being fragile). On rare occasions, the Wax Melts may crack. This will not affect the quality of the product and they will burn just as well. All of our wax melts are made in small batches and so colour and appearance may vary between batches.
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