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Cute Cut Candles

Movie Time || Exclusive Candle

Movie Time || Exclusive Candle

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Transform your movie nights with the tantalizing scent of Salted Caramel. Let the rich blend of creamy vanilla, butter, and ginger transport you to a world of pure indulgence. Embrace the luscious sweetness and comforting warmth, creating an enticing and comforting ambiance for a perfect movie time experience.

DIMENSIONS : 4"h, 3"w each
MATERIAL : 10oz Clear Jar
WICK : 1 Cotton wicks
WAX : Soy blend, red glitter  and white in color
BURN TIME : 40+ hours.      
  • These candles are homemade and there may be slight variations in appearance.
  • All of our Wax Melts & Candles are highly scented, even when not burning. We believe it’s always nice to be able to actually smell the fragrance around the whole room, rather than only where the candle is burning.
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